Meet the Founder

Hi, nice to meet you - I'm Lexie, the Founder of GlowSci!
I’m based in Los Angeles and am originally from Sydney, Australia. It was always the biggest effort to sit in the sun for hours and burn, or worse – wear fake tan and ruin all my clothes and sheets. My 13th reason (on starting GlowSci) was my roommate’s brother slept in my room when I wasn’t there, and in the morning he said it looked like I pooped the bed because my fake tan made it so brown… I had just washed my sheets that day! After that devastating blow, I did some research and realized there is a natural, effective way to tan without the sun, using the antioxidants Lycopene and Astaxanthin! So I developed our own custom blend of Lcyopene, Astaxanthin, and Collagen - so we can not only get tanner but support our skin's overall health. GlowSci is my baby, and my goal is great customer experience, direct communication with me, and the ability to be effortlessly tan year round! If you have any questions, message me via the chat box below! It pings my personal phone and usually I respond within minutes, unless I’m asleep <3 Thanks for choosing GlowSci!